Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Beware of Hackers in facebook..

Getting a facebook account hacked is quite common now a days .. But the actually, you are the one who allows them to hack your account.. The main plot for hackers are the applications we use...
When  we are using any application in facebook , we are using it by clicking an allow button. We never find time to check what we are allowing. Most of the applications asks for permission to post on the wall, access our personal details, update status, other some other privileges .. When we find something posted on our wall we say its hacked,... actually its done by ourselves by allowing them to access our wall.. So READ the privileges you give before you allow any app.

Note :
Also If you find your wall posted with annoying posts, you can take there privileges away.

There are many apps in facebook who give your details to third party.

Here are some tips for keeping your account safe. Check this link.

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