Wednesday, 8 August 2012

How to use your Galaxy phone as modem and connect to internet from computer

I have seen in many blogs and forums where users asking about how to connect Samsung Android phones like Galaxy Y, Galaxy Pop, Galaxy Ace and so on. The problem is, the steps for this is explained nowhere  in the manuals or websites. The CD that you get with the Galaxy series named Samsung Kies is of no use on this issue. Some websites are spreading the wrong news that you will need a software called Samsung PC Studio. PC Studio is a just like the PC Suite for Nokia phones and is actually developed by Nokia itself for Samsung. However, the truth is you don't need any softwares or third party connections to connect and browse through computer using Galaxy phones. Follow these simple steps:

Note : Only a packet data connection can be tethered, wifi networks or hotspot connections cannot be tethered
  1. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Series phone to the PC using the USB Connector you got with the phone.
  2. In the phone, go to Settings>>Wireless and networks>>Mobile networks and tick and check-box "Use packet data". This will enable packet data connection on the phone.
  3. Now in the phone itself, go to Settings>>Wireless and networks>>Tethering and portable hotspot and tick the check-box "USB tethering".
  4. Thats it!! Just wait a few seconds for the Computer to get connected automatically. Enjoy..


  1. when i do it it cuts of my internet on my pc but i still dont get any internet on my mobile .. (i got a samsung galaxy s3)

    1. The above mentioned way is for accessing the phone's internet in PC.. I think you are trying for a reverse tethering.. try this post ...

  2. When I go to Mobile Networks in my Galaxy S 111 4G there is no check box "Use Packet Data" and the USB tethering checkbox remains inactive. I've tried everything still can't connect it to a PC Ian

  3. are you using XP as I have the same problem. The help button on phone suggests it only works with certain operating systems

  4. my usb tethering checkbox remain unactive enen i have connect to the PC using USB

  5. i have done your process but still in USB tethering it is showing no usb device connected...?