Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Can I Upload Moving Pictures Or Animated Gifs on my Facebook?

Can i upload moving pictures in my facebook account???.. Is facebook supporting animated pics??? 

These are common questions amoung the facebook  users.. The first thing you need to know is Facebook doesnot support animated gifs or moving pictures.. Facebook doesnot alow you to upload a animated gif.. Even if you upload a .gif format picture, it shows only the first image of the sequence..

But i had seen animated pics in someone's profile????

But, There are applications which support animated gifs. You can add these picture to your album through this applications.. You can also share this pictures to your friends..
Some of the common  applications are Cute Animated Gif, Animated Gif, Animated gifs by kathy etc.
Note : These images donot work if you try to download and upload it to your album manually...

But here is a way to add pictures to your status updates.... check this link

Please be  careful before you simply add applications .. Check this link for more information about your account safety...

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