Wednesday, 8 August 2012

How to Keep Your Facebook Account Safe from hackers

There are many ways through which others can access your facebook account. Most of the cases, the sole reason for an account to get hacked is the account owner itself. The careless and poor behavior of us leaves our account more vulnerable. Here are some ways through which u can ensure your account safety.

1. First of all you need to do is activate the securities available in Facebook . 

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  •  Always enable secure browsing. It encrypts all your activity on Facebook which makes it harder for anyone to access your information on Facebook without your permission. Follow theses simple steps to activate Secure browsing in Facebook. Check this link
  • Facebook can notify you of a login from a previously unrecognized device via email to your default email (the one you use to login) or text/push notification on your mobile device. I recommend turning on at least the login notification emails. Unless you’re logging in from 15 different computers each day, you won’t get backed up with emails.
  • People always worry about third-party applications and the security of their Facebook account. With App Passwords, you can securely log into apps using this generated password instead of your account password. The downside is that it might disable some apps that can’t receive security codes and lock you out of those apps.
  • Once you log in securely into your account from a previously unrecognized location, Facebook will give you the option of naming that location as a recognized device. Once recognized, Facebook will not notify you of log in attempts from that device. This section lists all your recognized devices and the dates you gave them access. You can remove devices at anytime by clicking “Remove.”
  • Now, this is my favorite section! It shows you all your active Facebook sessions. It tells you the device name, date accessed and approximate location. The “current session” is always the one you’re currently using on Facebook. If you notice any unfamiliar devices or locations, you can always end the session by clicking “End Activity.” It will log the other device out. I travel a lot, so I’m constantly checking this section before and after I travel (at least one to three times a month). It’s a good idea to check this section a few times a month just for verification purposes.
2. Secondly, add a limit to the applications you use.
    Applications are one of the main route through which others access your account.
    There  are amny applications such as farmville which give your personal details to third partys.
    For more information about application threats read this.

3. Donot leave your account signed in when you are in a public computer.
    Many of us donot have the habit of signing out from any website. Most of the time in cafes or in
    a public computer, we can find people satying online in websites even if they go. we should
    develop a habit in us to sign out from a website.

4. Better donot Use your Accounts in public.

    Better donot use your facebook account or any other accounts in public computers. Many
    applications and devices are now available in the market which records the every key you press in
    your keyboard. A device in well known amoung hackers which is connected directly to the
    keyboard wire of a PC which records the keystroke.These key strokes are saved into a text file
    which can be checked to get your password or any thing you type. Also Plenty of software are
    available in which has the same funtionality.

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